5 Achievement Boosters

Placeholder2Xbox 360 achievements are a very controversial topic forany gamer, but hidden inside most of us is a ‘Stat Junkie’ or ‘Achievement Whore’. We all know that a gamerscore of over 10,000 made up of easy games does not deserve the respect against someone that has only 1500 but earned them after spending countless hours on Halo 3, but still it makes us feel just a little bit better to have a half decent number next to our gamer tag.

The depths as to which you will sink to is another story though, Hannah Montana : The Movie for example is an easy 1,000 points but do you really want to share this with the world?

Whatever your opinion, if you rent games and feel your gamerscore is in need of a quick boost but equally do not want to sell your soul, here is a list games that can work a little magic.

 1. Avatar:

In the history of Xbox 360 gaming this game is by far the easiest 1,000 points that you will ever get from a title. I guarantee that in between 2 and 5 minutes of playing this your gamerscore will be boosted by a massive 1,000 points.

It’s not big and it’s not clever; you really don’t deserve the points but if you want easy points this is the game for you.

There is even a video on You Tube that will guide you through just how easy it is. Click me I’m so easy!!

2. NBA 2K6:

When the Xbox was first released American Sports games were notoriously easily for achievements and out of all that were released in the early days, this is by far the easiest. Any self respecting gamer should be able to pick up the full 1,000 points in under an hour, with a little pre planning all 5 achievements can be picked up in a single game.

All you need to do is ensure all your three-pointers, blocks, rebounds etc are set to maximum and put down all the CPU sliders to minimum. Play a 12 minute game against the Raptors who are woeful when their sliders are set to minium setting. The final thing to remember is to make sure that Auto Subs are turned off, if you obey these simple rules, 1,000 points are all yours for the taking.

If you are a fan of USA sports games it is also worth looking at NFL Madden 06 where another easy 1,000 points can be obtained with little effort.

3. Jumper: Griffins Story:

Movie tie-ins are never great, but this short six level game can be completed in 4-5 hours and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. In 20 minutes of button bashing it is possible to knock up over 500 points.

If you enjoy the game you can spend just a few more hours and obtain another easy 1,000 points.

4. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter:


This game can be completed in about five hours and is another easy 1000 points. You need to ensure that when you reach the Rival Hunts and Trophy Hunts, that you complete the achievement for them before continuing.

If you missed the achievement, you will have to start the whole Career Mode from the beginning, which would be an absolute nightmare. Not the greatest game around but not bad way to spend a few hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

For the big child inside us all, what could be better than getting the chance to play as all 4 Turtles characters: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo who are represented with their unique combat skills and acrobatic moves.

As with the titles above, there are a very easy 1,000 points up for grabs, but the only criticism of the game is that it can become a little repetitive but if you’re a turtles fan anyway, it won’t stop you wanting to complete this game.

So there you have it, 5 games that could boost your gamerscore by 5,000 points and won’t take you too long either, especially if you rent games on a regular basis. There are plenty of other games that offer quick easy achievements but any self respecting gamer should also know when to draw the line, and for me that would be Hannah Montanna The Movie game. So if you are addicted to achievements, please remember you can get your fix without selling your soul.


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