Microsoft reveals top Xbox Live games of 2010

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb (or Major Nelson as most of us know him) last week published the most popular titles on Xbox Live for 2010. The lists do not appear to be recorded from total downloads but when the actual downloads are at their highest in their first week. So the lists below are based on unique users playing whilst connected to Live in the first week of release, and both Arcade and Indie titles are based on week one downloads.

It’s a little predictable to see the ubiquitous COD franchise and Halo Reach dominating the top two places but the great thing about these lists are the hidden gems that can be found on the Arcade and Indie Titles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops has seen over 1.1 trillion shots fired on Xbox live according to the recent release from Treyarch.

Black Ops the most played game on Xbox live, here is the science bit.


It is a little surprising for me to see that more people have been playing Red Dead Redemption, Fable III, Medal of Honor and Mass Effect 2 than the popular football game Fifa 11.

Full price games:

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  2. Halo: Reach
  3. Red Dead Redemption
  4. Fable III
  5. Battlefield: Bad Co. 2
  6. Medal of Honor
  7. Mass Effect 2
  8. FIFA Soccer 11
  9. Fallout: New Vegas
  10. Bioshock 2
  11. Madden NFL 11
  12. Splinter Cell Conviction
  13. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
  14. Dead Rising 2
  15. Kinect Adventures!
  16. NBA 2K11
  17. Crackdown 2
  18. Aliens vs Predator
  19. Mafia II
  20. Army of TWO: TFD

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero sits top of the Arcade chart for 2010, but This Is My Joystick favourite, Limbo, is more than a worthy runner-up, although we thought that Hydro Thunder Hurricane would have performed a little stronger than its placing suggests.

Gamers just cannot enough of zombies it would seem.


Arcade titles:

  1. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
  2. LIMBO
  3. Perfect Dark
  4. Toy Soldiers
  5. Monday Night Combat
  6. Deadliest Warrior
  7. Dead Rising 2: Case West
  8. X-Men Arcade
  9. Castlevania Harmony of Despair
  10. Plants vs Zombies
  11. Scott Pilgrim
  12. Sonic 4 Episode 1
  13. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  14. Blacklight: Tango Down
  15. Hydro Thunder Hurricane
  16. RISK Factions
  17. Super Meat Boy
  18. World of Keflings

In order to gain a place in the Indie chart, it appears you need to feature either Avatars or zombies, or even both. Under closer inspection you will find bizarre and addictive games such as Baby Maker Extreme and The Impossible Game.

Baby Maker Extreme tops the Indie chart.


We can see from looking at the Indie game chart that it is dominated by Avatar games, most of which are quite poor but what do you expect for 80 Microsoft points? I wonder how long until Microsoft and big developers jump on board with Avatar based titles as there certainly appears to be a market for them.

Indie games:

  1. Baby Maker Extreme
  2. Avatar Showdown
  3. Avatar Paintball
  4. Avatar Ninja!
  5. Avatar Racedrome
  6. Try Not To Fart
  7. Nuclear Wasteland
  8. Avatar Onslaught
  9. Yet Another Zombie Defense
  10. Zombie Estate
  11. Breath of Death VII
  13. Get Rich or Die Gaming
  14. Avatar Bumper Cars
  15. Avatar Meet Up Live!
  17. Shoot 1UP
  18. Toy Stunt Bike
  19. The Impossible Game
  20. So Many Girls So Little Time

For those of you that want to look under the bonnet and examine the sales data, it is worth checking out Gamastura, who have looked at the successes and failures of the past 12 months of Xbox Live Arcade games.

So has this list inspired you to check out some of the lesser known titles or games you have missed? What were your favourites? Please let us know here at This Is My Joystick.

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