Couch Potato Enters the Birmingham Half Marathon

In the week, I have been able to get through two 8 mile runs, so figure it was time to throw caution to the wind and enter myself into the Birmingham Half Marathon in October. It will be just what I need to keep me motivated. Although I have gone from being unable to run for a minute without stopping to 8 miles in 5 months, you can rest assured that I have not turned into some crazed self obsessed health freak.

For many people joining a gym involves setting up a direct debit and then seldom leaving the house to use the service they are paying for, so my membership consists of Spotify Premium and a pair of running shoes. Although this would not be for everyone, I love the simplicity of going for a run listening to music that I love and it actually feels really good.

We are all different, so my only advice to anyone reading this would be to find what you love and use it to your advantage. I still pretty much eat and drink what I want, but I have a simple philosophy of eat less and move more and although a massive multi billion diet industry will try to convince you that there is some other secret formula I’m afraid that’s about the size of it.

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