Danone Danio Luxury Thick Yoghurt…At a Price

Danone Danio is exactly what it exactly what it says on the lid “Super Thick Yogurt” in a larger than expected 160g pot.

The good news is this guilty pleasure comes armed with a whopping 11.9g of protein, 0% fat and the calorie count are in a respectable range of between 125kcal to 159kcal. Obsessive label reading freaks out there need to be aware that some pots hide 18g of sugar though.

However, if you are in need of a healthy filling snack to keep hunger at bay after a workout or for breakfast to start your day, then you could do much worse than these creamy thick yoghurts.

From peeling back the lid there is no water when opened like other yoghurts, and straight away you are greeted with super thick, smooth and creamy yoghurt with a generous fruit layer. When I say thick though, I mean so thick that you can leave your spoon standing vertically in the centre of the pot easily, which was a treat for me because it felt more like a dessert to me, but some may struggle.

The mild taste might be too bland for some, but this thick creamy and filling yoghurt fills you up and is fairly low on calories for those watching what they eat.


The Danone Danio may well be a super thick, super tasty yogurt: a yogurt of substance but it comes with one fatal flaw, which is the price of 85p per yoghurt. There is currently an offer of 3 for the price of 2 at Tesco but outside of this offer, I would find it hard to justify regular purchases of this brand of yoghurt at this price, no matter how good it tasted.

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