The Simpsons Predicted 2014’s Super Bowl Teams in 2005

This Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII competitors were predicted by The Simpsons back in 2005 according to a picture posted on The Simpsons’ Twitter this week. The picture is taken from the Season 17 episode ‘Bonfire of the Manatees’ and shows the the final score displayed on Homer Simpsons TV as Denver Broncos, 19, Seattle Seahawks, 14

I guess we won’t know until after the big game whether this unlikely prediction comes true, but I’m sure there will be more than a few punters having a geeky and cheeky bet on the outcome of this years Super Bowl.

The Simpsons predicting the future since 1989...

The Simpsons predicting the future since 1989…

Fans of the show will quickly tell you that “The Simpsons” has been predicting world events and pop culture trends since it began in 1989 and there is even an infamous Buzzfeed list on this very subject.

Will Seahawks’ Richard Sherman keep everyone entertained with some good old fashioned smack talk, will the viral Super Bowl adverts overshadow the game itself? I guess we will have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday for all the answers.


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