Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis 2014 Run Challenge 9% Complete

With no races booked and a typical gloomy weather outlook for the next few months, I signed up to the Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis 2014 Run Challenge and have a target of running for 700 km in 2014.

This seems a little daunting at the moment but it’s just the motivation I need to make me go for  a quick run when I’m feeling quite lazy and just want to sit eating biscuits slumped in my armchair watching TV or playing games.

With January out of the way, I am slightly ahead of my target and Run Keeper tells me that 9% of my goal has been achieved. There might be many hours and miles of running ahead but seeing it written down makes me realise that I might just be able to achieve this target if I keep at this running malarkey.

Luckily I am currently injury free, but my shins are quite sensitive to touch so not sure if I need to be googling some stretches to avoid picking up pesky shin splints but apart from that everything is looking good at the moment and it’s been a great start to my running year in 2014

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