Francis Underwood – A Larger Than Life Character

Kevin Spacey is far from shy is breaking the fourth wall with the character Francis Underwood in the hit Netflix show House of Cards, but this larger than life character seems to have broken out into the real world.

Francis Underwood appeared at the Emmys last year and somehow managed to manipulate the event into chaos and is a must watch for any fan of the show.

I guess that it was no surprise that Kevin Spacey arrived at the Oscars to present an honorary award and immediately channelled a ‘House of Cards’ Frank Underwood moment.  A quip to camera in Underwood’s distinctive South Carolina drawl: “And I sing because it’s so nice to be out of Washington and here with all my Hollywood friends.” Much to the delight of the A-List crowd prompting an over excited Jennifer Lawrence being caught on camera saying “OMG It’s Frank Underwood“.

However, a handful of lazy hacks complained that Spacey was using the platform to advertise his own show and the Netflix service. These journalists may just need to watch their step though, because Frank Underwood has a history with troublesome members of the press but would probably just dryly say “Insecurity bores me.”

Even if you haven’t finished binge-watching season 2 yet or curious at what the fuss is all about, check out this (spoiler free) compilation of the best advice Washington’s most cut-throat fictional politician has to offer impeccably acted by Kevin Spacey.

Everyone’s favourite character has been described as a manipulator, murderer, narcissist and  sociopath but I think the Independent described our favourite anti-hero best when they said he is a “menacing man, hiding his rage behind Southern charm and old-fashioned courtesy

With Breaking Bad and House of Cards, Netflix has changed the way everyone watches TV and there is definitely a wind of change in he air, where viewers are turning away from celebrity based quiz shows and reality programmes to soak up high quality drama which is starting to prove that the public are now much more sophisticated than the dumbed down TV Schedules that the traditional networks are spoon feeding the masses.


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