Smartphones: Does Size Matter?

I am old old enough to remember a time without the ubiquitous mobile phone and laughing at 80’s yuppies who thought they were Gordon Gekko strutting around with a huge phone that resembled something you would expect the military to use in an old war movie.

By the time they reached the masses, it wasn’t long before the palm sized mobile phones such as the Motorola’s RAZR had taken hold of our lives and anything bigger than a Nokia 3210 was officially labelled a brick.

Back in more innocent times, everyone wanted the smallest phone possible and the biggest social faux pax would be to bring out a bulky mobile phone in public which is somewhat ironic considering that 8 years later the world is about to get very excited about smart phones with larger screens than ever before.

Apple fanboys have remained loyal to their favourite brand but have been guilty of looking at other phones with a certain amount of hidden envy at the much larger screens which is just of the reasons we are expecting Apple to reveal their latest phone will come with a whopping 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen.

As phones get bigger, we should see longer lasting batteries which is a problem that has plagued Apple for a few years now, so much so that Samsung recently posted a cheeky video calling Apple users ‘Wall Huggers’ for their constant search power to charge their device.

Again there is a certain amount of irony that you could take an old Nokia phone to a music festival and enjoy 3 days of texts and calls without worrying about charging where as smart phone users are busy at the queue and charge tents, but it’s important to remember that our favourite devices have been so much more than a phone for over 5 years now.

September 2014 will be the moment that the mobile landscape dramatically changes forever and the word Phablet is no longer scoffed at and ridiculed as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a predicted new selection from Motorola that will be fighting their way onto everybody’s Christmas list to satisfy our thirst for bigger screens.

As phones get bigger, it seems even the iPad is rumoured to be getting an overhaul and a lager 12.9-inch version is expected next year, prompted the obvious question of is bigger better when it comes our love of technology?

I have asked everyone I know what they want from their next smart phone and everyone said better battery or bigger screen so it appears the market is simply adapting to their customers needs.

Wherever you are reading this in the world, there is a strong chance everyone around you will be staring into a rectangular black screen tuning into a personalised world that contains everything that you love which has prompted some to suggest we are heading for a dystopian future which is probably best described in the satirical drama episode of Black Mirror or the recent Banksy piece ‘Mobile Lovers’.

The reality is we are increasingly carrying our entire life around on our smartphones that are armed with a myriad of uses such as entertainment, communication, work, banking, camera, health and lifestyle tracking which makes that device in your pocket more powerful than a laptop.

Although there are countless scary stories of how the human race is changing and the same technology that unites us is also responsible for dividing us all as stare into screens rather than conversing with each other face to face, there is a powerful image of commuters reading newspapers in the past that illustrates perfectly how we have not changed as much as some would like you to believe.

Once you fully understand that we have moved on from carrying a simple phone in our pocket but essentially carrying a computer that is always connected to our online world where we could be replying to that important work email or watch a movie on our commute to work, you realise that our quest to become more productive has ensured that every minute of our day is used to our advantage.

Rather than carrying around multiple devices, it makes much more sense to have something to hand that can handle whatever your life throws at it and this is why I am championing the impending bigger screens.

Ultimately it really doesn’t matter brand of phone you choose for your needs but the age of big screens is upon us and as we increasingly carry our whole life around on these new generation of smartphones maybe our focus should not be on the size of the screen but the quality of the battery life.

What are your thoughts on this increasing trend of larger smartphones? Will you embrace the changes or avoid in favour of a more traditionally sized devices?

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  1. I can’t say anything nice to this screen size increasing fashion. I am a young man who works in IT but I’d never ever bought smartphone with more than 4.5″ big screen because it looks ridiculous when someone is actually calling with such an idiotically big phone like Note 3. And it is also fun when someone is carrying it in a front pocket and you can see how stupid it looks like and how uncomfortable it is in every moment. It’s nice to have big screen everywhere but is it worth it? I’m not a slave to technologies…the technology should be one. I have an iPhone 5S and now I’ve bought Sonyericsson Xperia X10 mini when going out to a club or while doing sports. It is so easy to carry it and laugh about the others with their stupid giant phablets 😀

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