Various interviews from the world of celebrity.

Interview with VV Brown

Many of you will know the fantastic VV Brown from her hugely succesful debut album Travelling Like the Light last summer. The album was inspired by 1950′s and electronic music as well as sounds emitted from Gameboy and Nintendo. VV Brown’s songs have been featured in many American TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, The Hills and The City to name but a few.

As well as performing the album on the road, VV has also been busy being creative in other ways as she has contributed her skills to a Comic Book Anthology called “Ctrl.Alt.Shift” with some of the best-known comic book writers, as well as writers better known for other things, such as fellow musician Lightspeed Champion (legend, seen him live – Andy!). The Experimental Youth Initiative brought together an eclectic mix of comic book and graphic novel work in a bid to politicise a new generation of activists through the medium of popular comic culture.

However, what many don’t know is she is also has a huge love of gaming. With so much in common with the gang here at This Is My Joystick, we feel very fortunate to grab an interview with the talented singer.

Q. When did you first discover your love of gaming?

“First Gameboy; classic, addictive, simple but beautiful. Ahh, the feeling of completing that Mario game, Nintendo utopia.”


Introversion Software: The Interview

 ivThe Killers once sang “Indie rock ‘n’ roll is what I need, it’s in my soul”. When push comes to shove independent gaming is in my soul and what I need. With this in mind, imagine my delight when I saw Introversion Software’s Chris Delay recently at the Eurogamer Expo.

The creative, artistic and design direction of Introversion can be primarily attributed to the inspirational Chris Delay and fortunately for us, we managed to grab him for an interview.

Q. For gamers that do not know too much about Darwinia, tell us briefly about the history and why they should buy it upon release.

“Darwinia originally came out on PC in 2005, and won the IGF (Independent game festival) Grand Prize in 2006, along with two other awards. It received crazy rave reviews when the game was first launched, and (in my opinion) is still Introversion’s best ever game.

During 2008 we released a Multiplayer sequel called Multiwinia. It’s set in the same world but plays quite differently; Darwinia is slow and cerebral and spiritual, and very story driven. Multiwinia is all about fast action and war, with a quirky and slightly masochistic sense of humour.

Darwinia+ is the combination of both games, coming to Xbox Live Arcade early next year. It’s the very best version of Darwinia we’ve ever done, the Directors Cut, if you will.”

Q. Darwinia has been described as Cannon-Fodder meets Lemmings, did Sensible Software inspire you in anyway to develop games.

“Oh yes, of course Cannon Fodder was a big inspiration to us, and forms one part of the core mechanic of Darwinia; i.e. controlling a squad of five guys, using the mouse to move and shoot. Cannon Fodder is one of the best games of all time, and we’ve no shame in taking that control mechanic and re-using it.”