2014 running challenge

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis 2014 Run Challenge 9% Complete

With no races booked and a typical gloomy weather outlook for the next few months, I signed up to the Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis 2014 Run Challenge and have a target of running for 700 km in 2014.

This seems a little daunting at the moment but it’s just the motivation I need to make me go for  a quick run when I’m feeling quite lazy and just want to sit eating biscuits slumped in my armchair watching TV or playing games.

With January out of the way, I am slightly ahead of my target and Run Keeper tells me that 9% of my goal has been achieved. There might be many hours and miles of running ahead but seeing it written down makes me realise that I might just be able to achieve this target if I keep at this running malarkey.

Luckily I am currently injury free, but my shins are quite sensitive to touch so not sure if I need to be googling some stretches to avoid picking up pesky shin splints but apart from that everything is looking good at the moment and it’s been a great start to my running year in 2014

Run 700km in 2014 Challenge 2% complete

After feeling slow and sluggish after Christmas, it seemed a great idea to sign up to the Martin Lewis 2014 run challenge.

Its no secret that I am not and never will be an athlete of any form, but if I can put on a pair of trainers and listen to some music whilst having a run in the great outdoors after being couped up in an office with no windows all day then I’m a happy man.

I joined the Money Saving Expert with a 434 mile (700km) target for the year and hoped it would be the kick up the are I need to keep me running.

However Martin Lewis ended up with a ankle in plaster followed by gout so has fallen at the first hurdle, which had left me thinking, what have I signed up to?

A quick breakdown revealed its only 1.2 miles a day, which is only 8.2 miles a week. So as long as I remain consistent with a steady 8-10 miles a week, it should be much easier than I first thought.

Although some simple maths was enough to trick my mind into thinking this will be a walk in the park, a quick look on my goal in run keeper makes very grim reading.


The road is long….

Despite being on target, seeing 2℅ completed is somewhat depressing and shows just how much I have to do but I’m confident that being able to look back on this journey will make it all worth while.

If I can keep this up then I won’t feel too bad about eating too many biscuits and sat in my chair playing on my Xbox