Alan Titchmarsh

The University of Gaming

Recently it seems that areas of the media like the Daily Mail and the Alan Titchmarsh show feel that it’s easier to point the finger at video games for being responsible for much of societies problems, as it’s much easier than dealing with the actual complex issues faced in modern society. There is also a growing trend of reporting the worst case scenario as actual fact, but here at This Is My Joystick, I decided it was time to buck this trend and look at the positive side if things.

Sure there is a dark side of my character that chuckles to myself when I see a gas tank, and I always take note of security cameras on my travels because years of playing video games has taught me a few little tricks that come in quite useful in everyday life. When I gave this a little more thought it occurred to me that actually there are many positive lessons learned by attending the University of Gaming. (more…)