BBC Panorama

Panorama: Addicted to Games?

The BBC has a worldwide reputation for being unbiased and for providing fair and balanced journalism in the form of news and documentaries of a very high standard. The respected reputation is currently being tarnished somewhat recently, thanks to the show Panorama, which seems intent on reporting opinion as fact and showing the kind of sensationalist reporting offered by Fox News or the Daily Mail and not our beloved BBC.

The golden rule in of any form of journalism is to understand your subject matter and do your research. These simple rules will allow you write a fair and balanced article and show the story from both viewpoints. After all, there are two sides to every story as we all know.

As the ‘Panorama: Addicted to Games’ report began it was clear that the reporter Raphael Rowe had done neither of these and instead seemed intent on reporting his own opinions and prejudices as fact. He looks shocked and bewildered that people actually queued up to buy a  game on release night and made several gaffs along the way such as “now we’re going to interview the maker of Laura Croft” and “it’s so surprising how far things have some since that ‘ping pong’ game”. This quickly showed any viewer with more than a passing interest in games that a balanced report was not on the agenda. (more…)