Brendan McNamara

The Team Bondi and Rockstar fallout

As many of you may know, the relationship between Rockstar and the Australian developer Team Bondi now seems to be damaged beyond repair.

It seems, ironically, that life imitated art when it was revealed that the people in charge of creating L.A. Noire (the biggest game development project ever undertaken in Australia) were just as shady as some of the characters in the game.

An investigation by IGN revealed that over a hundred developers were omitted from the official game credits and two former Bondi employees spoke of “disdain” for the Australian developer to

With reports of Team Bondi becoming ‘Rockstar Sydney’ being nothing more than a distant memory after tweets were sent to the Australian gaming industry hub Tsumea, with comments such as “I can certainly attest to the appalling working conditions, the angry and abusive boss and the ineffective leads who were completely unwilling to do anything to protect their team members”. “It’s abhorrent that these young kids are being thrown into a 24/7 corpse grinder with perpetual crunch and weekend overtime”, wrote another.

If you believe the reports from ex-employees, they suggest the bittersweet deal for working on the project for Bondi was that if you didn’t see the project through to completion, you would lose your credit. With that in mind, they found themselves caught in shocking working conditions, in which they were expected to work around the clock and be shouted at for the pleasure of Brendan McNamara. A man who sounds like Kevin Spacey’s character in the movie Swimming With Sharks.

“If you want to do a nine-to-five job, you should be in another business”.

One employee described McNamara as “the angriest person” he’d ever met. “It’s one thing for him to be angry behind closed doors, but it was incredibly common for him to scream at whoever was pissing him off in the middle of the office”. (more…)