Click Bait

You Won’t Believe Clickbait Article

Welcome to the world of clickbait, where a misleading headline over promises and under-delivers. Hopefully you will accept my sincere apologies for using the same kind of headline that many websites use without remorse.

During the last few years, sites such as BuzzFeed, Cracked, Upworthy and even the Huffington Post have enjoyed fantastic success by using this content marketing strategy that is both effective and infuriating at the same time. I am of course referring to what a growing number of people affectionately call click-bait.

This much maligned strategy will concentrate on the headline rather than the article content itself to draw you in and convince you to click on that link to read more. This general philosophy goes against everything you have learned by concentrating on sensationalising, exaggerating over-promising on the content of an article via a tiny headline so you can increase your traffic stats to boost advertising revenues.

Personally, I find incredibly short-sighted that sites can enjoy quick success by constantly under delivering and disappointing their readers, but what do I know, I have used the same technique in my own article, so I’m unable to take the moral high ground this time.

Although the most successful websites online at the moment are using clickbait, how long until we all say enough is enough of this fad?

I must confess that I feel utterly ashamed of myself when I see that familiar controversial headline claiming to contain ground breaking news, only to be left crestfallen in the corner of a dark room repeating “why do I fall for this every time?” (more…)