Easy Achievement Points

5 Achievement Boosters

Placeholder2Xbox 360 achievements are a very controversial topic forany gamer, but hidden inside most of us is a ‘Stat Junkie’ or ‘Achievement Whore’. We all know that a gamerscore of over 10,000 made up of easy games does not deserve the respect against someone that has only 1500 but earned them after spending countless hours on Halo 3, but still it makes us feel just a little bit better to have a half decent number next to our gamer tag.

The depths as to which you will sink to is another story though, Hannah Montana : The Movie for example is an easy 1,000 points but do you really want to share this with the world?

Whatever your opinion, if you rent games and feel your gamerscore is in need of a quick boost but equally do not want to sell your soul, here is a list games that can work a little magic.