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Gamers disappointed by HMV at Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer Expo was a fantastic opportunity for retailer HMV as their store was in a prime position in the hall at Earls Court. However, despite having a chill out area with bean bags and a vast array of games to purchase, the area was somewhat underwhelmed.

Upon closer inspection it was clear the reason why the thousands of gamers under one roof were not walking around with carrier bags full of the latest games they had just played and loved. The reason for this was because HMV were selling the games at full retail price.

For instance, one stand contained hundreds of copies of the game Fifa 11 on its release day next to the multiple Fifa booths where people were queuing to play and could be described as a stroke of marketing genius, but when people saw that they were charging a whopping £39.99 a hasty retreat ensued. (more…)