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OJ Borg Challenges TIMJ at Eurogamer Expo

A few weeks ago many of you may remember that I interviewed Radio and TV Presenter Iain Lee about his love of gaming. In the interview I referred to seeing fellow Radio and TV presenter OJ Borg on the National Lottery TV programme and in that “man slouched in a chair drinking cold beer swearing at the TV” kind of way, I blurted out that “OJ Borg, is a poor man’s Iain Lee“.

A quick, snappy line and all is forgotten, or so I thought. Several weeks later I switch on my Xbox to be greeted with a new voice message, which said “Hello it’s OJ Borg here, the man you called a poor man’s Iain Lee, which I take as a slur and therefore challenge you to a duel on the game of your choice!”

After a quick visit to Twitter, it became clear that this was no wind up: I had been tracked down by the big man himself, who was on a one-man mission to right a few wrongs!

Several messages later, all of which were in very good humour, we decided the perfect venue for our showdown would be the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London at Friday High Noon. (more…)