Golden Joystick Awards

The Golden Joystick Awards 2009: Reflection

GJPHThe Golden Joystick Awards have now been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the “World’s most Popular Video Game Awards”. To put things into perspective the event polled a whopping 1,223,646 votes this year with a 47% surge in voting. There is a strong argument that the general public should not be allowed to vote for anything if shows like Big Brother, X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and the awful “Song of the Year” show on ITV, where Westlife won year in and year out, are anything to go by, but we are not here to discuss such inane TV shows.

I was somewhat surprised at this being the 27th Golden Joystick Awards. If I am truly honest I never realised that Jetpac had the accolade of winning the first Game of the Year way back in 1982, which appeared on machines from my gaming past such as the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro and the Vic-20. For purists the game is even available on the Xbox Live Arcade. This shows just how far gaming has come especially considering that video game sales now eclipse that of music and films alongside the fact the cash-strapped UK consumers alone spent £2.7 billion on gaming in the last 12 months.

The Golden Joysticks are widely becoming known as the “Gaming Oscars” and this year arrived at the same time as the Eurogamer Expo, at a time when everyone is excited about games and the big Christmas releases.