Indie Games: A place for overlooked gems?

xncgFor those that are not aware there are now two game marketplaces on Xbox Live; Arcade and Indie Games (formerly Community Games). Indie Games are very often overlooked so I thought we should have a look what to expect.

Recent Microsoft changes mean that the most Indie game developers can charge for their games is 400 Microsoft Points, with 200, and 80 price points also available, although to qualify for the latter the games must be less than 50MB in size. Theses changes go into force on October 22nd.

Microsoft have advised that these changes are to bring prices of Indie games “more in-line with other products available on Xbox Live Marketplace”. The immediate thought that comes into my head is so I can pay 80 points for a game, but 400 for a bloody light sabre for my avatar? Although a few developers will see this as bad news, I am hopeful that Indie games will flourish this autumn, and it will be cool to pick up cult small game for a few quid and whatever they lack in top graphics will make up for in pure gameplay which is something a lot of the big titles these days are missing.