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Engaging Social Media Campaign Ideas

Possibly the most important aspect of any business these days, is their corporate reputation, the speed in which people now communicate allows any negative customer experience to not only be magnified but presented in front of millions of potential customers.

Most guides from industry thought leaders are currently dispensing the same advice that is simply “engaging your audience is paramount to success” but this is not always as easy as it sounds, especially if a business had taken the infamous short-cut a few years ago by purchasing fans or followers.

Your followers will quickly dash for the exit sign and the un-follow button you if you constantly spam their news-feed with self-promotion and if you are honest, you would do exactly same on your own personal timeline, so your mission is to simply create or curate interesting content that will inform or offer something of value to your customers, without trying to sell them anything and whilst being friendly and entertaining. If that sounds like a great deal of work to juggle, you also need to ensure that you respond to every comment from your customers. (more…)