Social Media Guru

The Rise of the Social Media Guru

There is a lack of available regulated qualifications in Social Media as any course or qualification would be out of date by the time it hit the training room and this has led to a growing number of opportunists with self-proclaimed titles such as Social Media Expert, Master or even the cringe-inducing “Social Media Guru”.

Sure there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the changing landscape, but the worrying trend with these new self-proclaimed job titles is they automatically suggest that the individual has mastered and understands everything. However the actual reality is that the brave new digital world is constantly changing and evolving, which ultimately means you can never truly master every Social Network, so there are no experts.

Originally brands jumped on board the Social Media with a simple recipe of success which consisted of creating a Facebook business page followed by a Twitter presence and finally build up a following of fans, some even opted for a short-cut of purchasing fans/followers for an impressive following ratio. (more…)