Serialisation v Innovation

rockArtistically speaking, Christmas is never the best time of the year. The music singles chart will end up full of novelty songs and the best selling song of the year will inevitably be the latest offering from Simon Cowell’s money making machine.

The album chart will not fare much better either as it rapidly fills with greatest hits packages that sell by the bucket load, even books go cheap and nasty as the book charts fill with the latest sordid biography from some D list celebrity who hasn’t lived a long enough or even a full enough life to fill a book and they can’t even write a book in the first place so will probably have the dreaded words ‘ghost-written’ somewhere in very small writing.

Christmas is all about selling the most amounts of units possible in a time where people spend more money than at any other time of the year, so why should the games market be any different? (more…)