Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2 ‘Participant #0122’ Reaction

Moms will hate Dead Space 2

On numerous occasions at This Is My Joystick, I have defended the gaming industry from what seems like wave after wave of attacks from the media that are intent on blaming much of societies ills on our beloved pastime. Sure, there are violent games on sale but they carry an 18 certification so the only issue up for discussion should be that of parental responsibility. With all this in mind it was somewhat of a surprise to see EA appear to be marketing their new 18 certificate game Dead Space 2 at underage children as #yourmomhatesthis became the top trend on twitter recently.

The games website your mom hates this features what I can only describe as mature mum-like ladies being asked to watch video footage of Dead Space 2, followed by their horrified reactions of how nasty the game is and their declarations that people shouldn’t play games like this. You can almost visualise the media types that we all know and love in Starbucks with their low-cut vests and roll-up cigarettes saying “let’s make it go viral” but isn’t it all a little irresponsible?

“It’s Revolting, it’s Violent, it’s everything you want in a game… and your Moms going to hate it!” is what the trailer tells us, and although it is mildly amusing I cannot help but think that behind the fun lurks a sinister campaign to market an adult game to under-age children. Slightly irresponsible and not to mention frustrating when I have been saying ”adult games are for adult gamers” until I am blue in the face for what seems like forever. I wonder how long we get the Daily Mail type headlines of “ban this sick filth” and the same tiresome debate in return again. (more…)